Enab Baladi

Enab Baladi Weekly Newspaper was launched from Daraya (Damascus suburbs) in January 2012. Since its launch, the newspaper has been in print nonstop, reaching one million copies.


Printed & Distributed Copies
Digital Views

Launched in September, 2014, Enab Baladi Arabic News Website covers Syria news on the ground through a network of reporters and journalists. The website publishes over twenty pieces of news every day. The news covers political, military, social, and economic issues of importance to the Syrian public. The website receives millions of visitors every year and its global rank jumped to 62,232 competing with well-established Syrian news websites that have been operating for over ten years.

Launched in 2016, Enab Baladi English News website publishes translated news, articles, op-eds, and reports published on the Arabic news website. Under almost complete absence of foreign media inside Syria, this website serves the role of reporting on the news from inside Syria and presenting it to foreign audience interested in knowing what is happening on the ground inside the country.

“Syrian Print-Media Archive” is a Syrian national independent project that works on archiving periodic Syrian print-media issued since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising in March 2011, as these prints are a part of the Syrian written memory, and a facet of the new-born pluralism in Syria.

Enab Baladi Video is an online video channel that broadcasts news and information of interest to the Syrian public. EB Video publishes sheds light on events in Syria, broadcasts filmed multimedia reports, entertaining news, and informative videos that keeps the Syrian people aware of their social and political affairs. EB Video publishes stories of hope from inside Syria, showing how Syrians are struggling amidst this quagmire of bloodshed.

Enab Baladi Investigative Journalism Unit

Enab Baladi established Investigative Journalism Unit (EBIJU) in 2016. The Unit focuses on enhancing in-depth reporting and developing channels to market these reports and reach a wider audience interested in reading beyond the news.

“Practice” is a journalism training program aimed at students of the faculties of journalism, languages and new graduates, offering them an opportunity to have a practical training by practicing in the newsroom and media production departments of Enab Baladi Organization, as to qualify them to enter the media market.

Enab Baladi Podcast

Enabbaladi Podcast is a media service lunched by Enabbaladi Association in November 2020. Enabbaladi Podcasts provide a variety of high-quality audio content that can be downloaded for free and listened to by mobile, in the car, or through a computer.

The programmes are created and produced by female and male journalists who specialize in audio content working in the various departments of the institution. In addition to collaborators who participate in creating and presenting the content.

Enabbaladi Podcasts offers regular workshops in the production of audio content within the sections of the press training program “Practice”. It also provides free internships for fe/male talented youth in creating and presenting podcast programs.

Enabbaladi is committed to the principles and values of the “Charter of Honors for Syrian Journalists” and with the principles of “Editorial Standards” in Enabbaladi.