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Syrian Print-Media Archive

In 2013, in an effort to preserve the history of the Syrian conflict and provide easy access to information for Syrians, Enab Baladi launched a national archiving project to preserve the Syrian memory by archiving Syrian print-media (newspapers and magazines) and presenting them for free to all Syrians, current and future generations. As of November 2016, the Syrian Print-Media Archive had over 6,855 issues of around 296 different newspapers, including pro-Syrian-regime newspapers, that adds up to over 100,000 pages of Syrian print media. The project website not only archives and presents newspapers, but it also provides other services, such as:
•    The search inside newspapers text and advanced search features
•    Browse/Search Syrian authors/columnists and read their articles
•    Infographics about the Syrian print-media landscape
•    Research papers that examine one topic and how the Syrian media covered it; and
•    Monthly newsletters that provide brief overview of what the Syrian newspapers focused on in a certain month.

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About Us

“Syrian Print-Media Archive” is a Syrian national independent project that works on archiving periodic Syrian print-media issued since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising in March 2011, as these prints are a part of the Syrian written memory, and a facet of the new-born pluralism in Syria.

Project Objectives

  • To manifest the reflected political and social pluralism in the media since it’s the actual translation of a society freeing itself from repression.
  • To archive and categorize the periodic issues throughout all stages of the Syrian revolution, in order to prevent its loss; this will ultimately facilitate preserving Syria’s history and forming the memory of the Syrians.
  • To make all Syrian written and published materials available in the form of periodicals available to the public in one website.
  • To enhance the search process in texts of periodic issues, in addition to offering advanced search tools that help researchers, scholars, and those interested.
  • To promote communication and collaboration among concerned individual and organizations.

Project Launch

In 2013, an offshoot of Enab Baladi Newspaper team started the work through saving links to Syrian prints issued following the outbreak of the revolution, and publishing them weekly. However, several technical problems arose such as broken links and the difficulty of surfing back to older prints that are published only via social media.

Thus, the team developed the work and started collecting the materials, saving them on external hard drives, and then republishing them via a separate inclusive website that provides a number of surf, search, rate, download and print features.

The official launch of the beta-version of the website was on Nov. 21st 2014, during the first Conference of Syrian Journalists Association in Gaziantep, sponsored by NPA.

During its early stages, the project was called “Alternative Syrian Media”. Later, in response to the advice of a number of media workers and specialists, the name was changed to “Syrian Prints Archive” as the meaning the word “alternative” bears does not accord fully with the objectives of the project; it is likely that the Syrian new prints –in general- will be Syria’s main media.

Syrianprints.org is an independent website, free of any political, partisan or religious affiliations. It provides archiving and storing services to all available Syrian prints regardless of their content or orientations.

The website’s archiving process does not differentiate between one print and another; the process includes classifying and categorizing them, alphabetically, according to place of issuance, periodicity of issuance, and affiliations. These classifications are based on the information available and disclosed by the prints themselves.