Investigative journalist unit in Enab Baladi organization has finished the first training workshop on Thursday, November 10, targeting 8 Syrian journalists. The workshop supervised by international trainer Yaser al-Zayat lasted for 5 days long.

The workshop entitled, “Introduction to Investigated Journalism Using Multimedia”, discussed the fundamentals of investigative journalism and the main differences between traditional journalism and investigative journalism.

The workshop also included an introduction on the ethics of investigative journalism and the standards which control some of the exceptions in the ethics of journalism, since investigative journalism embodies the “specific details” which exposes facts to the audience and hold the responsible accountable.

Al-Zayat devoted two days of the workshop to train journalists on the method and the phases of drafting “the investigation hypothesis”, he used theory and practice as well as examples. The participants were tested in writing the hypothesis and dividing it to parts and sources.

By the end of the workshop, the participants learned how to draft a plan in order to produce investigative reports starting with primary research, planning and implementation, montage phase, writing the script and final editing.

Al-Zayat commented on the significance of generalizing this type of journalism in Syrian media saying, “The situation in Syria needs investigation journalism. The subsequent events make viewers and listeners unable to follow up and understand. There are many secrets and hidden facts in the Syrian crisis. Besides, parties involved in the conflict are hiding facts for a propaganda of war that hides the truth.”

Eight Syrian journalists participated in the workshop. Six journalists are from Enab Baladi organization and the two others are from Sham Network and Syrian Network for Printed Media.

These workshops are part of the activities of investigative journalism unit which Enab Baladi founded on the 1st of November to enhance in-depth journalism departments in the organization. It is also a step forward to establish an inclusive Syrian network of investigative journalism combining a vast spectrum of Syrian institutions and independent journalists benefiting from expertise of journalists and local and international trainers.

The unit established a plan until the end of 2017. The plan includes conducting 5 specialized training workshops and 40 training seats. The objective is to train at least 10 investigate journalists from different Syrian institutions.